By Train

Zaandam Centraal Station has direct connections with many big cities from the Netherlands, such as Rotterdam (IC 1h 30 minutes), Den Haag (Spr 1h 10 minutes), Maastricht (IC 3 h), Eindhoven (IC 50 minutes), Alkmaar (IC 15 minutes), and, of course, Amsterdam Centraal (IC 13 minutes). NS is the Dutch railway system app that offers information about train routes, schedules, and prices.

Coming from Brussels or Antwerp Central Stations, as well as from Brussels airport, is quite easy since is a direct train, direction Hazeldonk, which takes 2 hours and 40 minutes, respectively 2 hours and 50 minutes, to arrive at Amsterdam Centraal, from where you can follow the steps above.

To arrive in Zaandam from Dusseldorf first requires taking a Sneltrein R13 from Dusseldorf Hbf for 1 hour and 8 minutes to Venlo (8 stops). From Venlo there is an Intercity train to Schipol Airport, which takes 2 hours and 8 minutes, and finally from there a Sprinter for 17 minutes to Zaandam Central.

For international trains, companies such as Thalys (Paris, Brussels) and Eurostar (London, Brussels) are also options, that stop in Amsterdam Centraal.

By Ferry

Ferry f20 connects Amsterdam Hempontplein to Zaandam and crossing the water takes 7 minutes. The ferry is free, and it runs 24 hours a day, every 20 minutes.

By Car

If you come by car, Hemkade has 3 parkings that you can use!
For those of you who have a disability card, you can contact the venue by following email ( to reserve your spot closer to the entrance.

Amsterdam – leaving from the center, take the IJ-tunnel, A10, and s150 for 15 km. Continue on Symon Spiersweg and in 2 minutes you are at the venue.

Rotterdam – From Rotterdam Noord take A4 to Oostzaan for 75.4 km. Exit through 1-Zaanstad-Zuid, and follow s150 to Zaanderhoorn for 4 more km.

Breda – from Franklin Rooseveltlaan (Breda Oost) get on A27, and follow the road for 111 km. Exits towards Verlengde Stellingweg/s118, and take s150 to Zaanderhoorn.

Den Haag – From S100 get on A12 for 5.3 km. Take A4 and A5 to Kolkweg, for 59.2 km and exist on 1-Zaanstad-Zuid. Continue on s150 for the last 4 km.

Eindhoven - Take Hoogstraat, Limburglaan and Botenlaan to Tilburgseweg for 2.5 km, until you reach A2 and A10 to Verlengde Stellingweg. Exit towards s180 after 132 km. Continue on the exit and on s150 for 5.2 km.

Alkmaar – From the center take Nieuwe Schermerweg to N244 for 2.4 km. for the next 27.7 km follow N244, N246, and exit on 1-Oostzaan. Continue on s150 for 3.8 km and you reached the destination.

Brussels – Get on E40 for 5.4 km and then follow E19, A27, A2, and A10, for 215 km. Exit on s118 and go on s150 for the last 5.2 km.

Antwerp – Get on A12 for 8 km. Continue on A4, A29, and A 5 to Kolkweg (172). Exit on Exits 1-Zaanstad-Zuid, and continue on s150 for 4km.

Ghents - Take N424 and John F. Kennedylaan to A11/N49 for 19.7 km. For the next 209 km follow that road and continue on R2, A4, A29, and A5 to OOstzaan. Exit and continue on s150 for 4 km

Brugge – Take R30 to Koning Albertlaan for 16.6 km. Continue on N49 and take A4, A29, and A 5 to Kolkweg (172). Exit on Exits 1-Zaanstad-Zuid, and continue on s150 for 4km.

Germany – Get on A38 in Leinefelde-Worbis. Follow the road and take for 478 km A7, A44, A2, A3, A30, and A1. Take the exit Verlengde Stellingweg/s118 and s150 and in 5.2 km you are at the venue.

France – From Blvd Périphérique, Paris, take A3 exit towards Lille. Merge into A1 and continue for 513 km on E17, E19, A27, and A2, to Verlengde Stellingweg. Take s150 for the last 5.2 km.

By Public Transport

The venue is accessible by public transport as well. You can choose the most suitable route using transportation apps such as Google Maps, 9292, or Glimble. If you are coming from Zaandam Centraal, bus 64, direction Zaandijk Rooswijk (2 stops) will take you 10 minutes walking distance from the venue, stopping at Hembrugterrein stop.

From Amsterdam Centraal, before taking bus 64 from Zandaam station, you have to take bus 391 for 14 stops in the direction of Zaandam Station.

By Plane

The closest airports of Zaandam are Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Brussels Airport, and Dusseldorf Airport, and in most cases, there is a bus from the airport to a train station. From Schipol there is a direct train that takes you to Zaandam Central in 17 minutes (3 stops), from Rotterdam the Hague airport, you have bus 33 for 22 minutes (15 stops) until Rotterdam Centraal, from Eindhoven Airport, there is bus 400, taking 25 minutes (16 stops), and at Dusseldorf you can take bus 721 for 28 minutes (18 stops).

Important info:

  • N94 night bus to Amsterdam Centraal
  • The last trains are around 2 AM or earlier and the first trains around 6 AM
  • The day time buses run from 6 am to 12:30 am (midnight). Night buses run once every half an hour.
  • There is an option to check-in and check-out of public transport with debit or credit cards
  • There are a few ride-sharing companies in Amsterdam like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft, as well as taxi companies Staxi (mobile phone app or online forum), Sneelen Taxi (online booking), or Taxi Zaandam (tel: 0031622910461)
By Bike

The most environmentally friendly way of getting to our venue is probably by bike, and it only takes 10 minutes. As you leave the Zaandam Centraal station, you turn left and bike on Provincialeweg for approximately 8 minutes (1.9 km). Turn right on Cornelis Bruijnzeelweg and go straight (2 minutes, 450 m) until you reach a pathway underneath the road and turn left. Once on Symon Spiersweg follow the road for 2 more minutes taking the first left, then the first right, and you are there!

If you are up for an adventure, you can enjoy a bike ride from Amsterdam Sloterdijk, which will only take you around 30 minutes.

Most train stations, including Zaandam, Sloterdijk, and Amsterdam Centraal, offer bike rental for people who own a personalized OV-chipkaart. However, the number is limited.

By Ride Sharing

In Amsterdam we have also a few options to share a ride. You can look into the following companies:

  • Uber
  • Bolt
  • Lyft
  • Staxi, this is a mobile app as much as an online forum
  • Sneelen Taxi, you can book online
  • Taxi Zaandam, you can reach by the following number - 0031622910461
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