The closest airports of Zaandam are Amsterdam Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Brussels Airport, and Dusseldorf Airport, and in most cases, there is a bus from the airport to a train station. From Schipol there is a direct train that takes you to Zaandam Central in 17 minutes (3 stops), from Rotterdam the Hague airport, you have bus 33 for 22 minutes (15 stops) until Rotterdam Centraal, from Eindhoven Airport, there is bus 400, taking 25 minutes (16 stops), and at Dusseldorf you can take bus 721 for 28 minutes (18 stops).

Important info:

  • N94 night bus to Amsterdam Centraal
  • The last trains are around 2 AM or earlier and the first trains around 6 AM
  • The day time buses run from 6 am to 12:30 am (midnight). Night buses run once every half an hour.
  • There is an option to check-in and check-out of public transport with debit or credit cards
  • There are a few ride-sharing companies in Amsterdam like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft, as well as taxi companies Staxi (mobile phone app or online forum), Sneelen Taxi (online booking), or Taxi Zaandam (tel: 0031622910461)
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